A family tradition

Hi! I’m Joe Treanor, the Founder of Purely Seasoning and this is our family backstory. It all started with my Great Grand Aunt Easter Esther Powers Piper. She was born in Ireland in 1882. At age six, she and her family found themselves in a ship traversing the North Atlantic. After spending weeks in steerage they made landfall at Ellis Island and finally settled in Buffalo, NY.

Purely Seasoning Aunt Esther
Easter Esther Powers Piper

Thrifty and creative soul

Esther was a tenacious and resourceful person, a practical nurse by trade but also self-taught in many skills. A survivor of the Great Depression, she was always working with her hands, gardening, sewing, making fresh bread from scratch, and creating recipes for foods she had tasted. In the 1950s, a family member gave her one of the first blenders that had become available for home kitchens, a novel device at the time. It was also a time when seasoned salt hit American markets. Esther, the thrifty and creative soul she was, knew that she could make a better seasoned salt and her new blender was just the tool for it. Through years of trial and error, starting with fresh vegetables from her garden in Buffalo, she created what would become our family staple, Aunt Essie’s seasoned salt.

In 1969, while my Buffalo native grandparents, Jim and Sally Treanor, were stationed with the military in Hawaii, my father was born out of a difficult pregnancy. Esther, 84 years young, left Buffalo in a heartbeat to be there to help in any way she could. It was during their time in Hawaii that Esther and my grandma Sally began making the seasoned salt together.

Buffalo blizzards

The winter of ’76 – ’77 brought with it 129 inches of snow, wind chills of -70º F and a presidential declaration of a state of emergency in Western New York. Forever intrepid, Aunt Essie left Buffalo behind that winter and never looked back. She went on to live with my grandparents who were then stationed in Alabama. Esther spent her final days reading mysteries, gardening, baking, teaching the children to play chess, and … making seasoned salt with Sally. Our friends and family couldn’t get enough of the timeless homemade seasoning. Over the years, Sally quantified the original secret recipe and taught me the method. In 2020 we started Purely Seasoning named for the pure, all-natural ingredients that make up our delicious seasoning!

Purely Seasoning Sally & Joe
Sally & Joe Treanor

The Purely Seasoning Mission

Purely Seasoning began with a desire to change the culinary experience. Starting with the freshest quality ingredients to create a product like no other. We hope that our seasoning brings something new and different to your food and family, as it has to ours.








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