Seasoning in Buffalo NY

Discover the seasoning of Buffalo, New York.

Hand crafted seasoning blends made with the finest herbs and spices.

Seasoning in Buffalo, NY (New York)

For over 70 years our seasoning has grown its roots in Buffalo, NY. The great city of Western New York is a strong and resilient place. The allure of it is hard to put into words. The first term that comes to mind for us is community. A community of neighbors.

Buffalonians are never hesitant to be there for each other, whether it’s rooting for the Bills in -10º F conditions or digging somebody out of a snow storm. A melting pot of hard working determined people. As a family company we are privileged to be part of such a supportive and inclusive city.

The Buffalo renaissance

Growing any business is not without its setbacks, twists and turns. We had been discussing the creation of company for years and finally decided to take the leap. Purely Seasoning began operations in early 2020 right when covid hit. It seemed the waves of issues would never ebb. At one point or another we were told our ingredients were too difficult source, that our process was too different, and that our packaging decisions were too far from the norm. However our vision pushed us to innovate, convinced that because of these differences we had something truly unique to offer. Something worth pursuing no matter how many times we were told no!

Our seasoning is made using the same unique ingredients we started with, minimal processing, never any artificial preservatives, and all sustainable packaging. Realizing this would not have been possible without the tailwinds of our maturing business community in Buffalo, NY.

Seasoning for Buffalo foodies

Buffalo is known for its food and there’s a good reason for it. The food culture here draws from uniquely global pallets. You can find authentic cultural comfort food across the city. No matter what you’re into, Buffalo food will make you feel at home. Our seasonings were crafted in this light. The perfect tool for method cooks to enhance dishes, but not overwhelm.

We all have had those moments when food has drawn us back to a specific point in time. There’s something invaluable about the intimate connection we all share with food. Our seasoning is made for those moments when food transports you. Try the gold standard of seasoning today.

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